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Welcome to Our Fruit Haven!

Step into a world of vibrant flavors and natural goodness. We invite you to explore our bountiful selection of fresh, handpicked fruits, where every bite promises a taste of pure delight.

Explore Our Fruit Collection!

“Experience excellence with Prestige Logistics. Enjoy our premium handpicked fruits sourced globally. Request a quote today to elevate your fruit experience.”


Treat yourself to the tropical delight of our Mango, bursting with sweetness and vibrant color. Yummy and delicious.


Dive into the rich taste of our antioxidant-packed Açaí, perfect for smoothie bowls or as a refreshing snack.


Experience the tropical allure of our Coconut, offering refreshing water and creamy flesh packed with nutrients.

Black Grape

Savor the juicy burst of flavor from our Black Grapes, whether enjoyed fresh or frozen.


Brighten your day with our juicy Oranges, rich in vitamin C and zesty flavor, perfect for enjoying peeled, or juiced.


Stay refreshed with our hydrating Watermelon, ideal for slicing, blending into drinks.


Unveil the delightful tangy-sweet flavor of our Pitanga, a tropical gem perfect for enhancing your jams and desserts.


Add a burst of flavor to your dishes with our Fisális, ideal for enjoying fresh or dried for a culinary adventure.


Stay hydrated with the juicy sweetness of our Melon, ideal for slicing, blending into drinks, or adding to fruit salad.


Enjoy the natural sweetness and versatility of our Bananas, whether snacking, baking, or blending into creamy shakes.

White Grape

Savor the juicy burst of flavor from our White Grapes, whether enjoyed fresh or pressed into refreshing juice.


Delight in the exotic sweetness of our Litchi, with its floral aroma and juicy flesh, perfect for enjoying fresh fruit salads.


Experience the unique flavor of our Jabuticaba fruit, celebrated for its rich taste.


Experience the tropical sweetness of our Papaya, packed with antioxidants and digestive enzymes. Savor its health benefits.


Enjoy the rich flavor of our Jenipapo fruit, harvested from ancient trees, perfect for savoring fresh or juiced .